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Consequences of not doing a correct cleaning solar panel

Not doing a solar panel cleaning service can cause your solar panel to lose more than 25 % of its power generating capacity.

The lack of solar panel cleaning services can affect the beauty of your roof because of bird poop, dirt, grime, debris.

The cost of solar panel cleaning can increase when you finally decide that is the right moment to do it.

How much does a solar panel cleaning cost?

The solar panel cleaning prices depend on several factors such as:

The larger the system or the more panels there are to clean, the higher the cost.

Geographic location can affect prices due to variations in local labor costs, travel distance for the solar panel cleaning company team, and accessibility of the installation site.

Ground-mounted systems are generally easier and cheaper to clean than rooftop installations, especially if the roof is steep or has difficult access.

  • Dirt and Debris Level
  • Height and Accessibility
  • Cleaning Method
  • Additional Services

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